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20 November 1985
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I went to a school in a very big city but grew up in a very small, outdoors-y town in Oregon. I define myself as a person who enjoys, be it experiences or food, or stories or TV shows. I tend to be rather blunt and generally unsympathetic towards people's plights. In fact, I'll most likely laugh and then try to be conciliatory.

I like music, books, fanfics, TV shows and movies, to put it mildly. I'm a bit of a science geek as well as a lover of romance and science fiction. And I dabble in the fantasy genre. I like to cook and to eat, take pictures of the stuff I cook and eat (but not exclusive to), and make amigurumi. And take pictures of them. And I also translate manga in my spare time. That being said, I do enjoy anime and manga, though the passion for it isn't as strong as it used to be in my younger days.

I read a lot of fanfics and I used to write back in the day (mostly in the HP, JAG and EFC fandoms). Maybe I'll pick it back up, maybe I won't but I like to think someday when the right story hits me, I'll pick it back up and give it a whirl. Once a writer, always a writer -- you can't just shake that bug off so easily. I'm a big proponent of readers' rights as well as lurkers' rights as well as writing as an art, one that takes practice as well as talent and one that should be improved upon. I believe writing, even fan fiction, is something to be taken seriously and is not just done for fun, but for the furthering of one's own skills as a writer. Those who write for less than pure reasons will be disapproved of, albeit silently and most likely passive agressively.

I'm also a slasher, a fan of yaoi and shounen-ai and as such, a big supporter of gay rights. Plus, I'm pretty liberal (in terms of American liberalism) on most of the big issues (women's right to choose, gun control, education, gay rights, environment, social policies, religion, etc.) and I'm a strict atheist. I do not back down on my beliefs, not when they mean so much to me.

If you've gotten this far, you must really be interested in me. My blog is open but I have a small flist and not many readers. But even if I did, this journal would be the same -- it's my journal. I write when I feel like it and I talk about my life and what's happening. I do talk about anime/manga/music/drama/whatever related stuff but that's not what this journal is about. It's about me and my life and something that I can look back on in a few years and wonder what the hell I was thinking. Also, I like posting pictures of places I go and things I make and eat so be warned.

Oh, and I'm also very random. And all over the place. >_>

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