Sherry (sherryillk) wrote,

So, lately, an old bug has been buzzing around my mind.

Last yeah, I quit on NaNoWriMo because of my cancer diagnosis. And now I finally don't feel like crap all the time (still not great but so much better than pretty much the first half of this year), I've had an urge to revisit this idea that has been kicking around my mind for a while.

Basically, I love JJ from Yuri on Ice. I love him with Yuri, I like him with Otabek, and I enjoy reading about him and Yuuri being friends.

So, I've developed this sort of headcanon that started with the idea of Yuri and JJ getting together because of Otabek. That was my basic premise -- they share this friend, so maybe they can spend more time together because of it and fall deeply in love.

This all came about with the knowledge that JJ taught Otabek the quad salcow. I mean, they must have been pretty good friends, or at least got along a bit, right? So why was Otabek so cold when JJ invited him out to dinner in Barcelona?

This lead to the idea that he and Otabek had dated once, when they were both training in Canada under JJ's parents. And when Otabek went back to Kazakhstan, he ended up breaking both their hearts.

And in the devastation, Isabella, who had known them both and had been friends and classmates of them both, who had always had a thing for JJ (and Otabek knew it and tolerated it), swooped in got herself the boyfriend of her dreams.

And though JJ loves deeply and Otabek knows it, he can't forgive what seems like a betrayal from both of them, Isabella for breaking the friend code and JJ for moving on so quickly. And when they got engaged so quickly, it was just fuel on the fire.

But later, Isabella goes to a different college, gets caught up in that life, and with JJ always busy and away, falls in love with someone else and cheats on JJ. They break up and Otabek sees a chance to get back together with JJ. But he's hesitant about it because he isn't sure how JJ feels about it, so he goes for the friend route first to try and test the waters.

(This part, I'm not totally sold on since I think Otabek might be more the decisive type and if he wanted JJ, I get the feeling he would make it very clear in the beginning.)

But this friendship brings JJ into Yuri's proximity and they get to know each other. Yuri realizes JJ is cute and sexy, and despite the way he comes off arrogant, is a really nice guy. Like genuinely good. He loves deeply, faithfully, giving all of himself to his friends and family. And JJ always thought Yuri was kinda cute too and finds him horribly fascinating. So they start falling for each other while Otabek is trying to get JJ back.

So yeah, I just want to see JJ in the middle of this love triangle. Usually, it's Yuri, and once I think I read a tic where it was JJ, but usually it's JJ who ends up losing in these things. And for a JJ Girl like myself, it's just sad. I want to give him all the love.

That's the story I want to explore. There are other ideas I'd love to explore, like the idea that JJ and Yuuri had bonded and formed an unlikely friendship when JJ was training until Cialdini because of their shared anxiety, and the idea that around the time Otabek left, JJ wanted them to come out and for them to keep seeing each other long distance. But Otabek is from a Muslim country and he has these internalized homophobia issues that made him totally against it.

I think this could be a good story if I wrote it. But I don't know if I have the stamina for it. And I'm not sure how I'll be health wise in November. So I don't know.

Sometimes, I think I should just write it outside of NaNo. Don't put myself under that time crunch and pressure and just work on it slowly now... I don't know.
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