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It's my last night at home.

Tomorrow I go to Portland and will be starting treatment for my cancer. My town doesn't have the capabilities of handling radiation so I'll be going to OHSU for treatment. This is a good thing since OHSU is Oregon's best hospital and our only medical school. I'm probably in the best hands that I could be in this state.

But treatment is 7 weeks, five daily radiation treatments and once weekly chemotherapy. I will definitely be starting chemo tomorrow. Radiation is a bit up in the air since they seemed to have canceled my appointment without calling me so I'm going to have to figure that out tomorrow morning before we go. It's definitely scheduled for Tuesday so maybe I'm starting radiation them? I just wish they could have told me about it so I'm not all confused...

But it would be stupid to commute daily to Portland (over 60 miles away) for treatment so I'll be staying with my sister for the duration of treatment. I really hope I can come home after the radiation ends but I'm probably going to need more chemo after it so I have no idea how my health will be then.

And later this week, I'm going to get a feeding tube put in. That part, I'm actually kinda freaked out about. It's a routine procedure and is being done as a proactive measure more than anything else but there's always a risk with surgery and apparently, this one has about a 3% chance of something going wrong. It's small but it's still lingering in the back of my mind... But hopefully nothing goes wrong...

I feel like I have no idea what to expect except I should because I've researched it and I've talked to all my doctors about it already... But nothing beats hands on knowledge and the fact that everyone is different is making me a bit anxious... I just don't want to be made completely dead from my first chemo session... Radiation is supposed to be okay for the first week or two but chemo side effects are real and tomorrow is going to be a long day for me. I really hope it's not going to take the 6 hours they've blocked off for it... :\
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