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My band is bubbling again (after only 2 months!) so I'm not feeling getting another Charge HR. The Charge 2 has more features that I probably won't use but are really cool, while the Alta HR has all the features I will use and is more stylishly thin...which was one of my original complaints about the Charge HR. But I have gotten used to the size of the Charge after wearing it for so long so the Charge 2 won't bother me. And I heard it has better screen visibility and brightness... But the Charge 2 also has the color band I want but if they're just going to bubble anyway, I'll be replacing it soon enough so should that even matter?

Ugh, I can't decide! They're the same price and I have a hard time justifying less features for the same price simply for form factor. And that connected GPS feature does intrigue me even if I know I won't use it.

I like using my Fitbit like a clock. I should go with the Charge 2, especially since I'm pretty sure I'll be quite happy with it. But that Alta HR has been in the back of my consciousness for a while now... I want something thinner. I've always wanted something thinner. It's cuter. More stylish. Both of them can have different bands so I can just replace the bands when they bubble instead of always going to Fitbit for a replacement. I'm having a hard time passing over the Altra HR and giving up on it when the only reason why I went for the Charge HR was for heart rate. Now it has it and I'm still passing it over?! WHY?!

And I know it's superficial to want the Alta HR just for the looks and not the features, but I like the looks! I want the looks! (But I also want the features.) Am I that shallow?

That's a rhetorical question because I know that I am, but I usually don't allow myself to be. And I do like the Charge 2.

So I think I'm getting the Charge 2? God, I hope I won't regret this... And I promised myself the Alta 2 too... But that was before I saw they were the same freaking price! OTL

It's weird that I want it and don't want it at the same time... Okay, I'm going to sit on it for a while. The link for half off is good for a month so I might as well ruminate on it for a while. Plus, I've got a new credit card coming to me so I might as well wait to use it on this... I always have a hard time fulfilling those spend bonus offers so this would at least take off a chunk of change off of it. I'm not going to rush. Okay. That's what I'm going to do.
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