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So... maybe I've just entertained a slightly insane idea to go to Skate America. And maybe I looked into it a bit more seriously than I should have... But damn, it'll be expensive! o.O I mean, okay, like I didn't think it would be cheap because it's in Lake Placid and that's all the way across the country. And it's being held over Thanksgiving weekend which isn't the cheapest time to fly either.

And since it's in Lake Placid, you basically would need to fly into the nearest airport and then rent a car to drive there. Apparently that's Montreal but nope, not flying to another country to drive back to America. I'm not even sure that's even allowed with rental cars. So the next closest airport is in Buffalo, so that's 2 1/2 hours of driving (and I hate driving) on top of the day spent flying across the country. Joy joy joy.

Tickets themselves are $250, which isn't too bad. And there are cheaper tickets available but I want to be as close as I can so I can throw plushies at all my favorite skaters.

Lastly, you have hotel rooms for five days, four nights? That's assuming I get there the day before the competition begins (on Thanksgiving) and leave the day after the exhibitions on Sunday, so Monday checkout. That's almost another $1000, if I don't want to go some AirBnB or motel route.

Add in food, souvenirs, all those plushies I want to throw at skaters, it will be a very expensive trip. Too expensive for my blood unfortunately. Even driving down to San Jose for US Nationals would be cheaper...

Ugh, this just makes me sad that when Skate America was in Portland, I didn't end up going when it was so freaking close! Or all those times events had been in Washington... Ugh, chances missed! Goodbye Skate America... I really only wanted to see the Americans in it anyway. Almost everybody that I like is there except for Jason Brown and Mirai Nagasu. I've been kinda keeping my eye out for Vincent Zhou since he'll be competing as a senior this year...

But I guess this just means I'll be watching them all on TV this year... I can't wait until this season starts!
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