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Day of cleaning for me!

It's been days, so many days of weeding but now I get to switch my focus from outside of the house to inside. Yay for me.

I hate cleaning. I really hate cleaning. But doesn't everyone? But everyone and their mother are also streaming into Hood River for Memorial Day weekend, my family included so cleaning is a necessary evil. :\

And when I say everyone is streaming in, I mean it literally. I had to run errands today and god, the traffic. It really hit home that summer has started. I was trying to get out of the Wal-Mart parking lot and by chance, it's the same road that leads into the town from the interstate and just waiting for a break in traffic so I can get out of the freaking parking lot was long... People and their boats, cars upon cars... I mean, today is Friday and everyone who has just got off work in Portland are probably driving in right now for the weekend...

Thankfully, my sister and brother aren't coming until tomorrow so that leaves me today to clean the whole house and make it somewhat presentable. So now I'm off, or I will be after I read one little Pliroy fanfic (so sue me, my favorite Pliroy author just posted a new story -- how can I resist???) and I suspect it'll be hours before I emerge...

Yay long weekends...
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