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For the last couple of days, the song 桜日和 (Sakura Biyori) has been in my head... And it's not even the song itself, it's the beginning of the song, the part where there's just a singular instrument (I have no idea if it's a string instrument but it sounds like some sort of traditional string instrument is being plucked, one string at a time) and then when the other instruments swoop in right before the vocals start. Usually it'll get through the first line, where it goes 百年の恋をしたね (hyaku nen no koi wo shita ne) and then it repeats in my mind.

And it's so strange because this song is so old... I mean, it was one of the Bleach endings. And don't get me wrong, I loved this song but I loved it back when I first heard it, back when I was still watching Bleach... For it to come up again, in my mind, all these years later is weird.

It's not like I've forgotten the song. Obviously since it's in my mind, it's been part of my consciousness ever since then. And yeah, I loved how beautiful this song was and is -- it's even the ringtone for my sister. And yeah, it's kinda weird because if you listen to the lyrics, it's very much a love song to a much beloved lover but the song was just so beautiful and maybe it was because of the subject matter that every time I heard this song, the color pink would flood my mind, but to me, pink was always my sister's color and somehow that connection was made for this song to my sister. And so it's been her ringtone for the past decade.

Maybe it's because today is my sister's 30th birthday that all this is being stirred up in my mind. I don't know. I just find it incredibly strange... I don't know. But you know that beginning I was talking about? The one with the singular instrument that sounds like it's being plucked? That always sounded like it was coming from a toy to me. Something simple and childlike. But then it just sweeps into this amazing and beautiful instrumental piece before it settles down for the vocals... Maybe I am reading too much into it but now that I think about it, it's like the transition from being a child to adulthood and how beautiful it can be when it all smooths down.

Or maybe I'm just sleep deprived right now and this is just the musings of a crazy person...

Geez, I think I need to go to bed already...
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