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And it's finally back!

For a while now, my antivirus has been blocking access to my domain for some odd reason... I have no idea why the hell it was but I've managed to whitelist it in ESET so now I have access to it again! Yay!

I have no idea about all those other people with ESET who might also be blocked from my website but since I really only use it to host my LJ stylesheet and the associated image files that make up my layout, unless they're hanging out on my LJ, they don't really need access, do they? I promise my website is not dangerous! Like I said, it barely has anything at all... But now my LJ looks more like how I was used to it looking before I lost myself in AO3 and Reddit... But if I want to try and make more of an effort with LJ, having it look like my LJ goes a long way. Besides, I really did like this layout, even if it is old. But it's also familiar and while I have no idea how I manipulated it into looking like it does now ten years later, I have been and still am rather proud of how it ended up.

So I'm glad it's back (for me)! And I am feeling way too relieved about it, like it was something I had always been worrying about and never realized how much it bothered me that it was all broken until now that it's fixed. However, next step is getting ESET to whitelist my website again... Hopefully it goes well -- my fingers are crossed... And once that happens, it really will be fixed, not just for me but for everybody!!
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