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So, somehow I managed to get past 30K words today. Yay...

I'm not too enthused because ever since I skipped that one part of the story, I feel like I'm out of sync with my story. It's not coming as easily as it was before and I don't know, I just don't feel as much passion as I did. Maybe it was always going to happen. I mean, I'm finally writing my own story, one that isn't dictated by canon after all. And maybe I just hit a natural slump since I'm this far into the story. I don't know, but whatever writing I'm doing now, it's slow going...

Still, I'm not doing that badly, I think. The weird thing is I think I've developed a bit of complex with my dialogue. Because it is an anime fanfic, sometimes, I can't help but think what these characters might say in Japanese at certain times. And then I write in English my sorta translation of it and it's making my dialogue somewhat weird and stilted. I need to get away from that, but at the same time, I want it to feel like these characters could be saying what they're saying and part of it is dictated by what Japanese would say at certain times. OTL

And another issue is that I'm treading very close to Victorious Kiss 3Q right now. I've avoided doing anything similar so far but it's really hard because I've come to think of certain moments as practically canon and I feel like I need to steer my story towards it. I guess that's what I get for rereading it so many times since I got it last week... It's ingrained itself into my head. I love it, but I can't copy it. I absolutely cannot copy it!

But aside from that, I guess NaNo is moving along well for me. And outside of that, Oregon won against Stanford today!! We knocked them out of the playoffs! Whoo! That's revenge for those back to back years where they knocked us out of the National Championship!
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