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December 2017



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Top Chef is back!!!

I love Top Chef!

I love food, I like the art of cooking (not necessarily cooking myself, but I do enjoy it when I've made something good -- it's just that process of getting there and sometimes having it not be good that makes me conflicted about it), and I like watching people make delicious things. So of course, I've been waiting for Top Chef to come back on the air as soon as it went off the air.

This year they're in Boston and there are not one, but two Portland chefs!! That's so awesome! We've never had any Portland chefs on before! So of course, I'm rooting for both of them. Gregory Gourdet already won a sudden death quickfire and Doug Adams was in the top three of the elimination challenge so I'm footing good about their chances. I generally root for any and all Asians (represent!), so Mei Lin and Melissa King (? she didn't get much screen time this first episode so I don't have a good feel for her yet) are automatically on my list. And Mei Lin was so freaking badass with the lobster she basically became my favorite chef within the first five minutes of the episode. It certainly didn't hurt she won the elimination challenge with a congee! Oh how I ADORE congee... There's rarely a congee I don't love (probably blood pudding congee but I just can't do blood in my food -- I just can't!) and she made a congee that was complex and surprising...who can say that? He's to hoping it's Mei Lin for the win! (That or Doug, or Dougie as he likes to be called. I have a pretty good feeling about him too.)

And lastly Katsuji Tanabe... He's Mexican-Japanese, he's Jewish, he cooks kosher, he makes tacos in Beverly Hills... He's just so interesting. I like him but I can already see he's one of those chefs that has way too many ideas and way too much unbridled passion... That could be a good thing and he can turn out genius dishes. But then he can also turn out some hot messes... I just hope he lasts for a while because he's really different and I like that about him. And he counts as a half Asian so I was already pulling for him out of the gate but with all the other stuff, I just feel like he's the guy I'm going to be hoping isn't eliminated every week...because he'll always be in danger of going off the tracks. He's the guy I root for out of sympathy.

Overall, I'm feeling this season already. Although, Padma got on my nerves a bit, which is new. I know a lot of Top Chef fans can't really stand her and have this crazy hate towards her, but I've never felt that way before so I've never really understood it... But today, I thought she was being a bit too overly dramatic about the fatty pork belly (I like my pork belly super fatty so I'm biased), and I really hope this isn't the start of my conversion to one of those people who has so much hate and disdain for her...