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December 2017



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I made hummus from scratch today. Just now in fact so it's really late night hummus. And while I generally make a lot of hummus, this time I went all the way and made it from dried chickpeas, a first for me.


One good thing about dried chickpeas? They're economical for one thing. For the price of a pound of dried chickpeas, I can make about three batches of hummus. That's less than what I usually pay for two cans, or two batches of hummus. And I can control the salt content. And then there's that pesky BPA thing that I always wonder if I should be concerned about...


But what's not so great about them? They take forever to cook. I soaked my dried chickpeas overnight (about 12 hours) and then I cooked them on low for 8 hours in a crockpot. I could have cooked them in a pot on the stove, but I didn't want to chance forgetting about them while they simmered for 3 hours...


I did a lot of researching online about how to cook them... Soak or no soak. Stove, crockpot, pressure cooker. Baking soda, no baking soda. Salt or no salt, that sort of thing. In the end I went with soaked in only water, clean water for cooking in the crockpot with both salt and baking soda. And I think it turned out well.


And then I made the hummus. When the chickpeas were done cooking, a lot of the skins were falling off and I thought about deskinning them. I heard that makes for a much more smooth, luxurious hummus but I felt lazy and didn't do it. I mean, I don't even do it for the canned so it's not like I'm typically used to deskinned chickpea hummus. But now I wonder...


Because I wan't using a single can of chickpeas, my measurements were a bit off the entire way through it. I used less garlic (I like a ton of garlic in my hummus) and less tahini. I was really timid with the seasoning and spices. And in the end I have this hummus that seems not what I'm used to. It's smooth and has the consistency I like but the mouthfeel is wrong. The flavor is wrong. It's just strange. And it's not like it's bad. It's just different.


It feels meatier, if that makes sense. It tastes heavier, and definitely nuttier. I think that's how chickpeas are supposed to taste but I can't say I've had a non-canned version of them before to compare it to. And my hummus is warm, which is definitely not what I'm used to. I heard chickpeas are better off warm when being mashed for hummus so I only allowed them to cook for a little bit before starting on the hummus. Maybe after I let it sit in the fridge overnight, it'll be better... The flavors will meld and it could be a completely different dish...


Usually my hummus is strong on the garlic and lemon. I also like a fair amount of cumin, less so on coriander. I try not to use too much olive oil since I like to drizzle it on top. Same with paprika, though there's always a little bit of both within the hummus. But this time I was afraid of going overboard and overwhelming the natural flavor of the chickpeas. But now I'm not sure I like the natural flavor of chickpeas! OTL


Oh well, even if I don't love it tomorrow, I already know I don't hate it today. And maybe the next batch will be more my style now that I've made it once. I still have plenty of chickpeas left...