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December 2017



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I don't know why it's taken me this long to connect the British national anthem God Save the Queen with My Country Tis of Thee but it has. Man, it's a mind trip! Now everytime I hear it, I think it's a song for children rather than that awfully familiar tune that I can't quite place...


Whose idea was it to set a children's song, a patriotic one for Americans no less, to the tune of another country's national anthem anyway? I mean, geez, it's like a love song to America... Was this an intentional dig at England? I can't imgine it wouldn't be... But that's so disrespectful... :\


I think I would have preferred to not have connect the two songs... Damn you, Wikipedia...


Anyway, feeling better today. I contacted the manufacturers of the security system and they've concluded that I did everything right in trying to forward the ports. And that the problem must either be the router or the ISP. Next step is to have them forward it for me so hopefully they can do that easily and everything will finally work as it's supposed to.


I ended up with about six hours of sleep since I woke up for diving. But I skipped the men's gymnastics all around finals. I'm watch NBC's primetime cover of day four right now so I imagine it'll be covered somewhat tonight. If anything major happens (like Uchimura Kohei's fall/dismount during the team competition), I can always replay it online later...


But with a little bit more sleep than the last couple days, two cups of coffee, and validation that I wasn't fucking up the setup for remote access, I feel good. I'm still tired but it's gotten a bit familiar now. And Ryan Murphy finally released the Box scene from Glee. My God, that along would have lifted me from the lowest of doldrums... I may not be as obsessed as I was with either Glee or Klaine (part of me just died using that portmanteau), but it still was pretty awesome. Definitely worth some major squeeage.


All in all, not a bad day. But anything would have been better than yesterday...